Der berühmteste Hund des Widerstands hat sich zurückgezogen. Das hat er sich nach zahlreichen Straßenschlachten auch redlich verdient. Lass’ es dir gut gehen, compañero!

Athens famous riot dog, the “Indignant dog”, the legendary Loukanikos, has ended his career as protester. On Thursday night a report in a Greek news portal and some mentions in Facebook claimed that he was not more in Athens and that he had been apparently adopted by loving pets’ parents and he had moved to Chalkida, some 60 km on the East. “He has all the care, love, food and vaccinations he needs” reported. This morning, I talked to the people who were taking care of him in Athens. It is confirmed however in a kind of different way: Loukanikos has indeed ended his protester-career.He is not stray anymore, he lives in a home, in Athens, and is being taking care by the same people who provided him with food, water, ticks-collars and medical aid, when needed, all of he time.

Loukanikos, the stray, whose real name was actually Thodoris, gained world fame for one reason:  he wouldn’t miss a single protest day. What if tear gas was fired, there was no air to breath and flares would explode right next to him. Loukanikos was just there to defend the people’s rights barking at riot policemen (occationally at cabs too). Good to know that Loukanikos is no more exposed to dangers on the streets or protests. He has deserved early retirement or a new career as a pet. For his own shake and protection... :)


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